二十世紀八十年代初期,面對社會現代化的轉型期和華人遍布世界的現狀,一群關愛華人靈命造就的神國僕人和基督教會,於一九八四年成立了不分宗派的非盈利基督教機構「開路者傳播中心」,並在美國和挪威註冊登記。 一九九五年改組為「開路者國際傳播協會」。


"Kairos"transliteration from the Greek, which means "the opportunity".

Early 1980s, facing the transition of the modernization of the mainland Chinese and Chinese all over the world, a group caring servant of the kingdom of God and Christ Church that love the soul of Chinese, established the non-denominational evangelical organizations "Kairos Communication Center" at United States and Norway in 1984. "Kairos Communication Center" reorganized as "Kairos Communication Service International" in 1995. "Kairos Communication Service International" clenched the opportunity provided by God, explore the need of church development, shepherding, discipleship and missions to make multimedia Bible training materials.




While attending Southern California Bible College, God planted in the hearts of two young men named Bob Bowman and John Broger a vision for missionary radio that would one day become Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC). They shared this vision with Reverend William Roberts, the pastor of a church that Bowman’s parents attended, who enthusiastically supported their plan; Roberts and his church were the first to assist FEBC through prayer and funding.

In 1945, FEBC was officially incorporated by Bob Bowman, John Broger and William Roberts and established with one goal in mind: broadcasting Christ to the world. They had no supportive board at the time, and were not affiliated with a specific church denomination. Instead, they followed God’s lead to launch a ministry that focused on sharing Christ with the people of Asia. With nothing more than a heart to reach the lost and an understanding of radio’s ability to reach far and wide, they leaned on this promise from God: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with my eye” (Psalm 32:8).



Chinese Christian Mission (CCM) consists of a group of dedicated Chinese Christians. We follow the Lord Jesus Christ' command to reach the world with the gospel, through literature, broadcasting, and sending missionaries. Jesus Christ is our Commander in Chief and we stress to work with churches and Christians of same burden to bring the gospel to all nations.

During his early years of itinerary evangelistic ministry in Europe, CCM founder Rev. Thomas Wang received this vision from the Lord, "You will serve your kinsmen with a fervent heart. He consequently came to the U. S. to study in a seminary in 1958. After graduation in 1961, he rented a garage in Detroit, Michigan for twenty five dollars a month to started a four-man prayer meeting. God gave them the vision to spread the gospel by publishing litearture. In October, 1961 Rev. Wang established the Chinese Christian Mission, a inter-denominational organization.